Biographical Counselling


My practice is eclectic and person centred. I work traditionally using conversations; I may also work with a Biographical Chart, either in a structured way, for example looking at one seven year period of life each time, or in a more loose way. We sometimes do art work; drawing, painting with water colours, or pastels. We may do some writing. This is always the choice of the client.


I work either on a long or short term basis; this is decided between us but I usually suggest we work together for at least four sessions, which can be weekly or fortnightly. This gives us time to establish a relationship. We can then review the process. When you decide you would like to stop counselling it is best to give me two sessions notice. This means our time together can be safely concluded with a review.  


One aspect of Biographical Counselling is the exploration of the past in order to understand the present. By being more aware you can make different choices to change self-limiting behaviours and free yourself from the past and unconscious forces that control it.


You will become more aware of how you are affected by, and affect, others. Your ability to say “no” to unhealthy and/or abusive situations, people and relationships will be strengthened and the possibility of new, healthy opportunities will be opened up.


Biographical Counselling looks at the archetypal patterns and developmental life phases within a persons development. It understands the individual as existing in body, soul and spirit.


Biographical Counselling draws on the understanding of scientist and spiritual researcher Rudolf Steiner. Its practice is informed by Carl Rogers, Carl Jung, Karl Konig and Martin Buber amongst others.



"The tale of someone's life begins before they are born."  

Michael Wood, Shakespeare.